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My “Bag of Crap” from Woot.com

I am a fan of Woot.com. This was probably evident in my assessment of HoopStick a couple days ago.

On a near monthly basis, Woot offers their “Random Crap” item.  When it goes up for sale (usually during a “Woot Off”), it always sells out in a matter of seconds, usually crashing their site in the process.  Regular shoppers see this item as the holy grail of all their offerings because for $8 you you have a chance of getting something really good on the cheap.  At the bare minimum it’s entertaining to see the junk they dig out of their warehouse to send you.

Here’s the crap that landed on my front porch today-

My crap! Click to enlarge.

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Did Hoopstick die from swine flu?

While the main Hoopstick site optimistically says “HoopStick is taking a break. We’ll see you when we’re out of beta,” the beta site says “Be back soon! We are down for routine maintenance. We are performing a routine upgrade to make your HoopStick experience the best it can be. We will be back up just as quick as we can. Thank you for your understanding.”

What’s going on HoopStick?  How long does a routine maintenance have to last before its no longer routine? My earlier review and forecast predicted this service would be dead within 12 months.  Looks like it may have taken less than half that to join the dead pool.


Buy Nothing For Something at OneSeason.com

With the World’s financial markets in disarray, Mike Arrington offers a sweet investment tip in his review of OneSeason.

Forget the stock market, it’s falling apart. Invest your money in OneSeason instead, a newly launched San Francisco-based startup that lets you invest real money in professional athletes.

Seems like sound advice for your money, unless you actually care about things like “money” or “sound advice”.  In what is essentially a hybrid of the stock exchange and your local bookie, without the oversight or rules of either, this start-up is unlikely to see more than “one season” on in web. [click to continue…]


The SEO Rapper Tells You How It Is.

Cheers to Gaby at KillerBlog for turning me onto The SEO Rapper, aka Chuck, aka the Poetic Prophet.

In this vid, TSR raps about proper design and coding of your site.

Good advice. More crud like this over on his YouTube page.

TechCrud Grade: A


I doubt anyone in the year 2000 could have predicted the mileage SNL would get out of their “more cowbell” skit.  Eight years later the laughs still continue, with the now famous catchphrases getting more pop culture references than ever.

Out of this comes a cool piece of crud from the developers at Echo Nest.  MoreCowbell.dj is a site that lets you upload your MP3s and digitally add cowbell to it.  It’s not a half-assed effort either.  Your music is analyzed and the cowbell sound is inserted with proper tune and tempo, as if Gene Frenkle himself is playing along on the track.  You can also choose to add Christopher Walken soundclips into the mix.

After your upload is done, you can get a HTML snippet to add your creation to your blog or MySpace page.

Make your own at MoreCowbell.dj

It’s crud like this that makes the Internet worthwhile.

TechCrud Grade: A