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Daily Crud – October 14th

Ok, I’ve been getting plenty of new site submissions coming across my desk, but nothing crudworthy enough to warrant their own blog post.   Here’s just a few…

Like|Umm – It’s a Digg wannabe, but not as interesting, useful, or fun.  And by the way, your domain name like umm… sucks.

TechCrud Grade: F

koornk – Ditto the proceeding review, replacing Digg with Twitter.

TechCrud Grade: F

ur tbox – A social network for young narcissists. Nice looking site, but it’s all style and no substance. Where’s the talent?

TechCrud Grade: C

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  • Rogbog November 2, 2008, 3:19 pm

    What’s all the fuss. Seems like a interesting an fun thing to do!

  • Michael Arrogant November 20, 2010, 12:29 am

    TechCrud nailed it again. As of Oct 24, 2010 all three of these shat holes are off the web.

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