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Peegly lets you whine to strangers

From the daily REJECT pile comes Peegly.com, another “come confess your secrets” type of site.

In their own words,

Peegly is a virtual pillow intended for your inmost thoughts, feelings and emotions. A big, soft and good-natured pillow is always ready to hear you out and help you… Here you can tell just anything, share any emotions you seethe with or are overwhelmed with.

“Right, come share anything and everything, because…”

All new sentiments appear on the main page of the portal, which gives every visitor a personal ‘podium’ to declare their feelings.

“…we want to publish your most intimate thoughts publicly, where everyone can read and ridicule them.”

Anonymous submissions are added to the site immediately with no moderation or email verification needed.  Visitors also have the option to comment on others’ posts.  (There may be great potential for fun in this.)

The Good: Cheaper than a psychiatrist;  Easier to confess your sins to a virtual pillow than going to church.

The Bad: Another creepy mascot.  That tasseled pillow looks all to eager to hear my secrets.

TechCrud Grade: F

Forecast: Who cares?  Probably will be found and overrun by spammers within 6 months.

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  • Meander October 27, 2008, 12:08 pm

    Funny review: The site seems a very very poor imitation of postasecret.com (or whatever it’s called). However, it isn’t without social utility. Just think, for every post made by some poor twisted soul pouring their heart out in words worthy of a thirteen year old male with eyeliner and sexuality issues that is one less E/N post somewhere more interesting, or one less nerd-raged comment on YouTube, or one less spam on some poor kid’s Facebook page. Plus sometimes we all like to be condescending and have a good laugh at the expense of the lowest common denominator of humanity.

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