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SimplyBox is Simply DOA

TechCrunch reports on today’s launch of yet another San Francisco based startup, SimplyBox.com.  Their business model has something to do with revolutionizing online bookmarks as images.

As TC reporter Jason Kincaid insightfully puts it:

Web bookmarks are badly in need of an overhaul. Sure, they’re fine for jumping to the dozen or so sites you visit on a daily basis, but they quickly become unwieldy whenever they’re used for research purposes.

Right, because what can be more annoying than having to bookmark a site with a single click or two. Let’s do it this way instead:

To use SimplyBox, you hit the “Box and Save” button in the browser toolbar, which turns your mouse arrow into a targeting cursor and displays a series of “boxes” at the bottom of the screen. After highlighting the portion of the page you’d like to save for later, you drag it into the box you’d like to store it in.

I’d love to give a more detailed review of this bound-to-be shitty service, but apparently their $5.95/mo hosting account has exceeded their bandwidth limit.  That is correct.  At the time of this blog post, when SimplyBox is featured on the homepage of TechCrunch and TechCrud, SimplyBox.com simply resolves to a plain blank page. SimplyBox’s own blog doesn’t give much more information other than saying “We’re Live“.

Epic fail.

The good: Kickass favicon.  Looks kind of like a stick bunny holding a photon gun.

The bad: Business summary not compelling enough to warrant a return visit.

TechCrud Grade: F (automatic)

Forecast: Site comes back up, no one cares.

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  • Incognito October 7, 2008, 3:37 am

    Maybe I am behind the times and set in my ways I don’t get it. As best I can tell the only good use for all those idiot bookmark sites is so Web site owners can pimp their new piece of junk wonderful, informative and insightful creations. Including the ever popular MFA sites.

    In my day drag was… (fooled ya didn’t I) what we did just outside town on the local quarter mile and drop was something one did with a hot potatoe.

    Web 2.0 my aching… just give me good informative and useful (including good quality shopping venues) and this most humble one will be very happy.

  • J Jackson October 9, 2008, 6:07 pm

    I’ve found Simplybox quite useful in sharing information by visually showing those I’m emailing what I’m talking about. It’s a lot more impactful than sending a link and trying to explain why they should look. It’s too bad that they had a problem at their go live time but they deserve a second look.

    I found your review as distasteful as listening to our presidential candidates. Rather than recognize a good idea and try to suggest improvements you went to trash it. I’m sick of this approach and angry that the press reinforces such negativism.

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