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SimplyBox is Simply DOA

TechCrunch reports on today’s launch of yet another San Francisco based startup, SimplyBox.com.  Their business model has something to do with revolutionizing online bookmarks as images.

As TC reporter Jason Kincaid insightfully puts it:

Web bookmarks are badly in need of an overhaul. Sure, they’re fine for jumping to the dozen or so sites you visit on a daily basis, but they quickly become unwieldy whenever they’re used for research purposes.

Right, because what can be more annoying than having to bookmark a site with a single click or two. Let’s do it this way instead:

To use SimplyBox, you hit the “Box and Save” button in the browser toolbar, which turns your mouse arrow into a targeting cursor and displays a series of “boxes” at the bottom of the screen. After highlighting the portion of the page you’d like to save for later, you drag it into the box you’d like to store it in.

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Hoopstick rapes Woot and goes back for seconds

Today we’re reviewing HoopStick, a shopping site that’s basically a clone of Woot.com with few changes.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past two years, you probably already know about the madly successful Woot.com and it’s one-deal-a-day formula.  Therefore I’ll just point out the differences..

  • Dynamic pricing, updates every 15 seconds with the latest price
  • No clever product descriptions, no budget to hire a writer yet
  • “Stick of the Day” (their fucktard name for the newest deal) goes up at 8am PST instead of midnight CST

Please excuse me while I exit my glass house to throw a few stones at a site that so blatantly rips off another.   The fonts are copied, the community forum looks exactly the same, and worst of all they even got themselves a monkey mascot the just like Woot (although Hoop’s is a bit more sexually threatening).

God only knows what the benefit is of having dynamic pricing over just giving us the lowest price off the bat.  With prices refreshed every 15 seconds, chances are you’re going to end up paying more for your item than you needed to most of the time.  I’d hate to be the loser that paid $40 a few hours ago for the same radio now selling for $26. [click to continue…]


TechCrud.com Review

It’s only fair we be our first subject (victim?) here.

Today we’re viewing the launch of the appropriately titled “TechCrud,” and residing at techcrud.com.  Its stated purpose is to “Provide a no-holds-barred approach to reporting and reviewing new Internet websites and related web technologies.”

Sporting a similar design and purpose, TechCrud obviously aims to satirize to Michael Arrington’s popular web 2.0 review blog TechCrunch.  If its bloggers are able to provide witty enough posts and commentary to achive this mission is yet to be seen.   A cursory visit shows depressingly little content to go on for this review.

The Good: Easy to read.

The Bad: Nothing yet worthwhile to read.

TechCrud Grade: C+

Forecast: Six months before hitting stride, then downhill from there.

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